In 2012 Susan Talbot and Steven Flynn returned to Ireland after ten years living in the U.S. With kids in tow, the duo came back to Dublin and opted to take their combined  years of experience in Television and Film production and put it to good use and Aerial Filming Ireland was born. In order to provide a top notch service they immediately saw a need to partner with someone who had a broad selection of cameras, lenses and support equipment and they found that partner in Film Equipment Hire Ireland.


Our mission was to approach this market not as RC (Remote Control) enthusiasts who like to make films, but as film makers who like to fly.  The technology revolution in UAV’s (drones) has been astonishing, and there are many start ups getting into the market. But AFI takes a different approach. With our partner(s) at Film Equipment Hire, we are positioned  to offer a broad range of cameras and lenses for whatever your production requires. From lightweight small cameras like the Black Magic Pocket to the large format Red Scarlet, we can customize your package to suit your budget and creative needs.