susan_talbotSusan Talbot was born in Dublin where she attended Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design & Technology and graduated with a 1st class honors degree in Film & Television Production (B.A). She worked as a freelance editor for R.T.E and for numerous Independent Film & Television companies before moving to St. Paul, Minnesota in 2003. In the US she continued her work in post-production, winning a regional Emmy award for documentary editing and also working on national Emmy award winning shows for PBS. She has also worked on shows for Animal Planet, Discovery and Discovery Health. In 2005 she became an AVID Certified Instructor and taught part-time at a certified training center in Minneapolis before joining Hamline University in St. Paul MN as an adjunct professor of digital media production, eventually returning to Ireland in 2012 and co-founding Aerial Filming Ireland.  

sflynn_photoSteven Flynn is an Emmy Award winning Filmmaker: Producer, Director, Director of Photography, Editor, and with the recent acquisition of the Cinestar Aerial Platform, he now adds Pilot to the list! With a background in electronics and photography he honed his skill both as a photographer and editor, forming his own post-production company in 1996. Among his past clients are PBS, DISCOVERY, TRAVEL CHANNEL, HGTV, PAISLEY PARK and more. He moved to Dublin for a short period in 2002 and worked as a freelance editor for his first clients in Europe and returned to the US in 2003 only to relocate to Dublin again in 2012. He continues to shoot, edit and direct projects both in Ireland and in the US. Book him as your Aerial Director, DOP, or editor, or leverage all his skills for a one-stop shop!



EoinDelaney-HeadShotEoin Delaney graduated from Dundalk Institute of Technology where he received his Honors Degree for Video and Film Production. Having a keen interest in photography, he went on to work for Film Equipment hire Ireland, handling the most up to date collection of cameras in the film industry. In 2010 he founded his own company, Directing Media, and continues to freelance for other productions as camera assistant, assistant director, grip and occasionally boom operator! He met up with Steve Flynn in 2012 and has since trained with him as a remote camera operator for the Cinestar 8 aerial rig.





John Hennesey Tea addict and fond of custard creams, John has worked as a freelance props designer and scenic artist on productions for the Gaeity, Olympia, Project Arts Center, and various other theatres before moving over to digital media six years ago. He has a growing portfolio as a director and camera operator and has worked on a number of award winning productions. He directed his first award winning short in 2012. He has a keen eye for a good shot and the shoulders to carry ‘em.