All Hallows’ Eve

All Hallows’ Eve

We recently shot All Hallows’ Eve for our Red Bucket Series at Tintern Abbey, Co. Wexford and the piece was viewed by nearly 10,000 people in two days across several platforms including FB, Vimeo, You Tube and Twitter. Our window to shoot was during the Halloween break. Kids were off school and the Abbey itself was closed to the public. We were a crew of five and a cast of two. We headed down to Wexford on the Bank Holiday Monday, despite the terrible weather forecast. With a plan to shoot all the aerials on day 1 and MOVI work on Day 2 we quickly had to revise the schedule. Visibility was too bad for air traffic control to give us the go ahead, so bang went that plan. The rains subsided enough for us to do some work under the canopy of the woods. It was such a grey, dull day but the RED performed really well in the low light. Focus was a bit of an issue in places, which is to be expected in low light with no follow focus.

Day 2 brought heavy rain and an actor who refused to get into costume because it was too ‘itchy’! Never work with children or animals came to mind more than once. Aidan held us to ransom as it takes two to carry the bucket. Oh the bribes came on hot and heavy until a ridiculously large Nerf gun was mentioned and agreed upon!

By about 2pm, the rain stopped and we quickly finished the MOVI groundwork. The ‘trick’ shot was set up when the kids arrived on set. Having them disappear on a camera move is a little trickier than it looks, but the MOVI performed beautifully. At about 4pm we started losing light, so we had an hour to squeeze in a few aerials. ATC gave us the go ahead and the copter went up with the Black Magic Pocket Cinema. We shot in RAW in an effort to somewhat match the RED. Flying worked really well up at Colclough Gardens, but the closer we got to the Abbey itself, the more difficult it became, like the huge granite walls were playing with the radio signals. We called it a day at about 5pm as the light was fading.
The resulting 2 min piece took about 5 hours in total to film and about 10 to process, edit and compress. No sound was recorded so everything you hear was added in post.

The final Red Bucket will be in the New Year, but in the meantime, take 2 minutes to enjoy this one again!

RED BUCKET EPISODE 3 - ALL HALLOWS' EVE from Steven Flynn on Vimeo.