Do You Hold Movi Training Classes?

The MOVI can be tricky to set up and cameras can be difficult to balance. If you are interested in training, contact [email protected] We offer full day, one on one classes with plenty of hands on training. If you wish to rent MOVI you must have completed training with AFI or another party and you must show proof of insurance. MOVI is also available to rent as a service, with operator/consultant.

Are Weather Conditions Important?

Yes. It is difficult to fly the octocopter in high winds. The limit is generally winds gusting above 15mph.  It is impossible to fly the octocopter in rain, snow or heavy mist. All the electronics are outboard and will short if wet.

Can I Use My Own Camera?

Yes. Cinestar Heavy Lift can carry cameras as heavy as The RED Epic.  However, your camera is not covered with our insurance. You must be sure that your insurance company will cover you for aerial work if you intend using your own camera or a third party rental.

Can I Use My Own Camera Person?

No. Our camera/gimbal operators are well trained to operate in support of the entire flight, not to mention it can take time to get the controls tuned correctly for the camera movements. From crowd control to emergency procedures, our camera person is trained to be on the look out. With a free floating gimbal that can be nearly out of sight, communication between pilot and payload operator can get tricky, and we recommend bringing our full team.  We are well versed in working with DP’s and Directors given our background and have many options to keep people in the loop.

Why should I use you when I can get the guy down the road to do it for nothing?

Go for it!  If he can afford liability insurance (required for license) without generating revenue he might be a happier pilot 🙂

Does it matter if I use an unlicensed pilot?

Yes. It is illegal.


Can I fly anywhere?

NO!… and Yes…  There are areas of controlled and uncontrolled airspace in Ireland, most being controlled (Class C) space.  In order to comply with IAA regulations we must have a permit to fly and this process can take up to three weeks.  Class G airspace (uncontrolled) does not require a permit and only exist in pockets around the country. In short, we can fly nearly anywhere but we have to go through the right steps to ensure the public’s safety, and make sure we operate within the law.

Why do I care that you have insurance?

There are two types of people in the world, those who have insurance and those who need it. One of the requirements of being licensed by the IAA is Third Party Liability Insurance. It is also a requirement for obtaining permits to film in most public places in the country.  It is illegal to operate drones commercially without PL insurance.  Accidents happen.  What goes up can come down!  Productions who intend using UAV’s should also ensure their production insurance policy covers aerial work as payload (outside of AFI cameras) is the responsibility of the production company/owner of payload.