Sell your property with help from above

Drones can add a great view of your property when listing it for sale. Getting a sky high photo or video of your house or of a commercial complex can really stand out to prospective buyers and give them an opportunity to see what your property has to offer, as well as giving a panorama of the surrounding area. Here are a few benefits of add sign drone video and photography for real estate

  • Better perspective of the property compared to ground photos
  • Get a top-down view to show the boundary of the site
  • A wide shot from afar can help show the surrounding area
  • Stand out from the crowd

But it’s not just drone

While adding drone videos to your listing is a great idea, it’s even better when you combine with some high quality inside shots to give viewers an all round “virtual tour” of the place. Videos can add a depth and sense of scale that can be hard to determine in photos. Check out the example below and get in touch for a quotation.